Gestuur advies provides various kind of international shipping methods:

Beraamde tyd van aankoms
Binnelandse vervoer
Oor 2-5 werksdae
DHL / UPS / FedEx
Oor 3-7 werksdae ( Laai volgens volume )
China / Singapore / HongKong EMS

Oor 5-15 werksdae

EMS: Weight < 30 kg, length <150 cm.

China / Singapoer / HongKong / Pos-lugpos

Oor 10-26 werksdae

Weight < 2 kg, the longest side <60cm, Item length+width+height < 90cm.

SAL (EMS) Parcel Oor 10-26 werksdae ( Recommended bulk / Large volume order select )

eBuy7 can handle almost everything from Taobao,

but the following special freight types are beyond our accredited expertise:

1 liquid products;

2 Pharmaceutical product;

3 Chemical;

4 Dangerous goods;

5 Forest product;

6 Imitation goods;

According to customs policy, the following goods might be limited in delivery. When you submit orders, pay attention to choose shipping method.

Forbidden Items:

• liquid/pasteitems/powder/perfume/gas/dangerous knives commodities

• There is no vacuum packing and less than half a year's food shelf life

• Animal skins

• pine cones, nuts (such as peanuts, walnut)/fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages and all kinds of meat/wreath

• Dry flower and cypress branch plant/bark, wood, straw products (such as straw)/sand, soil and seed products

Can't be delivered through DHL and special line:

• CD goods

• Special brands/drug/health products/battery/books

We charge the delivery of bulky goods in accordance with the actual volume and weight. These commodities are called "measurement cargo goods" here.

Currently if the measurement cargo goods delivered by DHL, special line transportation (GLS and Aramex ) , eBuy7 is still calculated according to the weight. If volume weight > the actual weight, you need to pay additional freight.

eBuy7 prompting:

1.According to recent requirements of the Brazilian Post,Please provide the CPF or CPJF for delivery.

2. According to recent requirements of the Russian Post, all recipients of parcels sent to Russia must be mentioned in their full name. Otherwise, the parcel may be returned.

3. For item limitation policy of DHL or special line transportation, we suggest you choose EMS or AIR.